Our philosophy on design

Materials and Finishing

The material & finishing of a product is of utmost importance. After all, this is what the customer has in its hands all the time, so it has to feel good and look impeccable.
Philips Home Control has a solid base of experience in this area, due to its long experience and the advantage of being part of a global company with an endless list of products, therefore encompassing knowledge on practically all existing materials & finishings.

• Strong co-operation between the different business groups within Philips

- Cross departmental teams
- Different product categories with a focus on lifestyle
- Synergies are explored and best practices shared
- Only remote control player that can benefit from material & finishing in other products, such as e.g. shavers (withstand water, intensive use, etc); Our competitors don’t have this advantage.


• Leader in the use of materials and finishing in the remote control categoryMaterial_finishing_2Material_finishing_3Material_finishing_4Material_finishing_5

Growing knowledge base : tool-kit of 'Material & Finishing' solutions with good, better and best technologies 

• Collaboration with external design consultancies and Philips Design
   e.g. we develop new material & finishing tool kits yearly :
   - Contains existing remotes with a wide range of different finishing solutions with attention to the
     smallest details
   - Contains best practices from a simple affordable finishing to highly exquisite finishing