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Company profile

Founded in 1991, Philips Home Control (previously named 'Remote Control Systems') began as an independent unit within Royal Philips Electronics to support the company's remote control solution requirements. Over the years, we have expanded to provide both standard and customised wireless input and control solutions for major electronics manufacturers worldwide.

Today, we pride ourselves as a preferred partner to leading companies in the home entertainment domain, offering complete innovative solutions for all possible applications, ranging from IPTV to cable & satellite, consumer electronics, home automation and pc-based applications. Philips Home Control has developed many of the industry’s standard protocols (IR or RF) and offers an extensive portfolio of patents that improve the performance, ease-of-use and functionality of remote controls.


Vision & Mission Home Control


Our vision
An increased number of A/V devices, growing online and stored multi-media content, the growth of in-home wireless networks and the emergence/ integration of home automation applications will stimulate the need for simplified control.

Our mission
Be the leading Brand in providing control based solutions that enhance people’s lives in accessing and experiencing the multi-media content they want and their home environment in the most convenient way.